Community Foundation

The Rotary Club of Melbourne is fortunate to have developed its own Community Foundation, and the income from this provides the funds that enable our club to fund a wide variety of projects helping disadvantaged people and communities.  The more we can grow the corpus of the Community Foundation, the more income we can generate, and the more projects we will be able to support. 

How do we pay for our Club Projects?

Our Projects are funded by the Rotary Club of Melbourne Community Foundations, which accepts tax-deductible donations, and a second fund, the Rotary Club of Melbourne Community Foundation

Extension Fund (non tax-deductible), which is particularly suitable for bequests.

We are asking all our members to help us to build the corpus of our Foundations, so that the increasing income will enable us to do even more to help disadvantaged people and communities.

You can be recognised as a Special Friend of Rotary Melbourne, and Special Friends are listed in our Directory. To become a Special Friend, we seek your commitment to donating $5000 or more, over a period of 5 years.

There are various ways of doing this, and we hope many of you will feel that you can commit to one of these:

  • $100 per month by Direct Debit, for 5 years
  • $500 twice a year, for 5 years
  • $1000 annually, for 5 years
  • $5000 (or more) one off donation

Below are some of the projects which were supported by our Community Foundations over the past year.

Contributions can be made as described in the flyer below, which lists our club projects, and also by leaving a Bequest in your will.  

We welcome your support for the Rotary Melbourne Community Foundation




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