"Club Management and Communications is an exciting portfolio because it is about you - the Members.  It is about fellowship through luncheons and Group meetings, raising funds for projects and welcoming new Members.  In addition, it about delivering strong, positive, communications to showcase our projects and the good work the Club does, through the website and the Bulletin

10 facts about the Club:

FACT 1 – 90 members have been involved in the production of our luncheon meetings, under the excellent leadership of Luncheon Director, Jo Mavros  

We have the - Luncheon Organising team, the Reception & Reflection teams, our vibrant group of MCs, the Wine Rafflers, InterClub Visits and New Member Organisers,  the Speakers Committee, Photographers, Podcasters and Comms team and finally the star of our show,  President Mary . Plus, I would like to thank the Sofitel staff at the Sofitel35 Restaurant for their excellent service each week and looking after us.

FACT 2 – 3520 people have attended our lunches this year and we average 78 people per lunch. This year’s big event, The Angus Mitchell Oration, with Rotary International President, Ian Riseley, was attended by 168 people.  

FACT 3 -  We are maintaining our membership numbers and currently we have 242 members, including 24% women. The highest percentage of female members ever in the Club's history.

FACT 4 – We had 16 new inductions this year and a special thank you to Ian Evans for his tireless efforts to engage with new comers.

FACT 5 -  We have introduced the new Members Mentoring Program, developed by President Mary to improve the experience of our new members. We have had 15 members attend the training and this will make a difference to our new members.

FACT 6 – The introduction of the new engine for our website and membership database, Streamscape, has made a difference in getting our messages out there and showcasing our projects. We now have podcasts of our speakers through the IT wizardry of Mark Pinoli and Richard Skinner.

We now regularly publish on Facebook and following this year’s Young Achievers Award we achieved a Club record with 6,000 hits on our page.  Yes, we are trying to make a difference in our communications to the younger people. Special thanks to Ari Talantis for a great effort.  Most importantly, we have kept our IT costs down to only $6K this year.

FACT 7 – 12,690 Bulletins have been sent out in the past 12 months and over 50% or 6,500 people have taken time to open. 4,800 people have clicked through and read our articles.

A special thank you to Dorothy Gilmour who has revamped the Bulletin using the technology of the new Streamscape website. We have made a step change in the way we present our projects, awards and activities to the world.

FACT 8 – Breakfast for 1000 people - One of the Highlight Events for this year was the International Women’s Day Breakfast held at the Crown Palladium Ballroom.  This was about Making a Difference to Women in Rotary. In fact, over 7 years it has helped increase the numbers from 17% to 30 % female members in Rotary.

This year the Club, under the leadership with Kerry Kornhauser, and in association with the North Brighton Club, we raised $30,000 for 3 charities –  The charities were :Violence Free Families, Interplast, St Kilda Mums.

FACT 9 -  This year was the best ever On–To-Conference event with the participation of 60 members and partners participating in the adventure tour and conference. It is so much fun, so make sure you sign up for the 2019 program. Thank you to Reg and Sue Smith for their fabulous efforts as tour managers.

My 10th and final Fact - Making a Difference – I hope this snapshot has shown you that the teams in Club Management and Communications, have Made a Significant Difference to the Rotary Club of Melbourne this year."

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