The professionalism and seemless nature of the interpreting was an "eye-opener" for all who have not experienced this before.

Brent, who is Director of Language, Partnerships and Communications at Expression Australia, spoke about his lived experience of growing up as a Deaf Australian and the importance of community, culture and language in empowering Deaf Australians in the modern connected world we live in.

He touched upon society’s perceptions of the Deaf community and Auslan, and how significant inroads have been made to promote and expose Auslan and Deaf individuals in mainstream society.  He challenged us all by posing the question:

“I have a wealth of information and experience to share with you all. If we did not have interpreters here today, who would be ‘ disabled’?”

Many Members and guests commented after the lunch including:

  • This lunch is a highlight of the year."
  •  “This was an outstanding meeting .... It was a real learning experience which challenged our belief that (with hearing) we are the fortunate ones...... Brent was truly inspirational."

Thank you to Garry Fowler for this summary for Bulletin.

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