This is very exciting on all levels as it not only lends support to artists with a disability by increasing greater visibility of their work, but provides a potential source of income through our acquisition or leasing of their high quality works providing us with a new piece of art on our wall!

AAV works with artists who have a disability and seeks to assist each artist earn an income from his or her special talent. This focus aligns with Melbourne Rotary’s involvement in Welfare projects, to include the objectives of the Arts Committee which is to assist and aid vocational opportunities for lesser advantaged groups in our community.


The Ignite Project has a simple premise. Together it is proposed that Rotary and AAV will be holding a launch event on Thursday 25 October 2018, which will be opened by Minister Foley, who is Victorian State Minister for Housing, Disability & Ageing. 

The event will be held at the South Melbourne Town Hall, from 6-7.30pm and will take the form of an arts exhibition with about 30 art works on display. All attendees will also be provided with a printed catalogue, in colour, which will feature a far wider range of artworks.


The exhibition will launch a planned program of acquiring or leasing high quality artworks from artists with disabilities. Club Members and their guests will be able to meet some of the artists and hear directly about the benefits of leasing artworks from artists with disabilities which is already happening in selective Government and corporate offices and private homes.


It will also be a great opportunity to invite guests, and provide a demonstration of Rotary in action to help disadvantaged communities to help themselves.


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