Anggia Burchill (sponsor club RCM) is an alternate if needed. This is 3 out of 100 fellowships world wide and, importantly, maintains our track record!

Catherine Harris has written a note of appreciation as follows: 

"I am thrilled to be offered a Rotary Peace Fellowship to study a Masters of International Policy Development at Duke University in North Carolina in the USA. After applying last year and narrowly missing out, I will now commence the program in August 2019.

These studies will assist my further development in the field of international humanitarian logistics, which has kept me busy over the past 12 months. I've been working for the International Federation of the Red Cross in the Pacific Islands, which has included deployments to Tonga after Tropical Cyclone Gita in February this year and on-going support to Vanuatu Red Cross as they respond to assist people from the island of Ambae ... who have been forced to permanently evacuate their homes due to an erupting volcano.

While these disaster operations have kept me busy, I've also been running humanitarian logistics training in Tuvalu and the Cook Islands contributing to logistics preparedness for future disasters. I'm looking forward to joining the Rotary Peace Fellowship program in 2019 which will allow me to further develop my skills to work in increasingly diverse and difficult disaster, crisis and conflict settings in the future."

Thank you Rob and we shall look forward to hearing more from our Peace Fellows in 2019 and wish them every success.

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