“Sally Capp began her speech, admitting that, though she had a prepared speech on the traditional Lord Mayor’s topic “The State of the City”, she was still processing her thoughts following the tragic event in Bourke St, with its still reverberating impact on our city.

Summarising the topics relating to the buoyancy of the city’s economy and agility in coping with the steady increase in population, Sally then focused on what she described as the heart of the city and its resilience in handling shocks such as hit us the previous Friday.

In responding to a range of questions, the Lord Mayor illustrated her mastery of all the important issues, and in the quality of her homework through, at one point, quoting spontaneously from Owen Parnaby’s book.

It was particularly noticeable that Sally stayed for post-function conversations with as many of our members and guests, who wanted to introduce themselves and talk with her.”   Thank you John for your summary.

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