Stephanie provided the following program details of this exceptional trip:  "On this tour, you and your fellow Rotarians will make a difference with marginal communities."


You and your fellow Rotarians get a chance to see first hand the amazing work being done by Seven Women, A United Nations/Rotary International award-winning organisation and RAWCS project.

  • Participate in grassroots development projects and visit community organizations such as Maiti Nepal (Against Human Trafficking), Fred Hollows and Fair Trade enterprises.
  • Visit the Centre and get a chance to meet and engage with the women that are being trained, educated and empowered by the social enterprise models developed by Seven Women.
  • Share with the women your skills, stories and support while enjoying a Nepalese cooking and crafts class hosted by them.
  • Tour participants also get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture, learn about their history, religion and more through visits to remote villages, world heritage sights, temples and monasteries.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the country's beauty and culture while making a real difference within the communities. The tour also includes a visit to a Rotary club in Kathmandu for fellowship, project sharing and exploring different avenues for collaboration.


Price: $2400 (this tour price is exclusive for Rotarians and family members)
Duration: 10 days
Inclusions: Accommodation, Meals, local transport, entry and activity fees
Exclusions: Flights, Visa, Insurance, personal expenses, tips and donations
Available Dates: 23rd June | 29th April | 16th Aug | 6th Sept (2019)
Fitness requirements: Moderate


  • Visit the Seven Women Centre: A United Nations/Rotary International award winning organisation and RAWCS project. Participate in cooking classes, Nepali lessons and craft workshops led by local women.
  • Visit a variety of community projects and organisations such as Maiti Nepal (Human Trafficking), Fred Hollows and Fair Trade enterprises.
  • Visit World Heritage Sites such as the ancient city of Bhaktapur, Pashupatinath Hindu Temple and Boudhanath Buddhist Stupa/Temple.
  • Visit a local silversmith who employs members of the Dalit community (lower cast), enjoy a Nepalese dinner with his family and have the opportunity to buy his crafted silver.
  • Visit the remote village of Sudal and be humbled by their simplicity of life. This is where Seven Women have rebuilt homes and funded schools after the earthquake.
  • Visit a Rotary Club for fellowship, sharing projects and explore the opportunity of collaboration. Plus there is the opportunity to do some hands-on work to make a difference.

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