Anton in his letter of appreciation to President Robert wrote:  "Thank you from The Smith Family for Rotary Club of Melbourne’s outstanding fundraising efforts through Around the Bay 2018 to help our proven cause; breaking the poverty cycle through education.

Please pass on my sincere thanks to the many riders, volunteers and supporters for once again giving so generously to raise an extraordinary $20,455. It’s an outstanding result befitting of an organisation with such a proud heritage of generosity as Rotary Club of Melbourne. A receipt will reach you soon.

The Smith Family partners with disadvantaged children through their entire education, from primary right through to tertiary (if they choose). It’s a journey that can last up to 17 years and this makes the Club’s continued support for more than 10 years even more significant.

Thanks to your support The Smith Family is making significant inroads in breaking the cycle of generational disadvantage through education. Please see our Annual report attached for a more detailed analysis; particularly regarding ambitious growth that you are supporting.

On behalf of the children and families all your members are supporting, thank you once again for partnering with The Smith Family and we look forward to working together in the future."
Best wishes,  Anton Leschen
General Manager Victoria

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