Our Rotary Changeover Dinner is a very special event on our Club Calendar.  It is a terrific event to meet Members, but also to create a "taste" of what is in store with our new incoming President Kevin Sheehan and his Team.   

This dinner will be a very special dinner for Members as we all remember our dearly respected past Member David Wittner.  David was loved by every Member he met over the 53 years of membership and Members relate positive experiences of time spent with David. 

David provided the following comment on the future of Rotary:

“To the doubters, I ask the question:  If Rotary, through its Foundation, did not finance projects like ridding the world of Polio, who else would have – or could have?  If you accept that Student Exchange, Ambassadorial Scholarships and Group Study exchanges are worthwhile because of the immense goodwill they generate, who else but Rotary could make them happen? By its actions, Rotary answers the question.  It is as relevant today as it has ever been. And for most of us, it is why we joined Rotary and remain a member of this club”

We are privileged to have known, and worked with David. He has been described by some as a "pillar" and an elder statesman of the Club, and by others as a sturdy foundation of the Club.

We would be so happy if all of you could attend this year's special Dinner.  Hear and see more of what your Rotary Melbourne has in store for you.  Book here for you and your guest:  www.trybooking.com/BCQCM

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