Thank you to all members who attended the Club’s 99th AGM.  President Marion thanked all in attendance and confirmed a quorum.

Your elected leadership team and office bearers for 2021-22 are as follows:

President:  Reg Smith

President-Elect:  Chris Stillwell

Vice President: Bev Brock

Vice President: Peter Davis

Hon. Treasurer: Jing Lin

Hon. Secretary and Public Officer:  Russell Board


  •  Chanthida Bou
  • Kerry Kornhauser
  • Mark Pinoli
  • Iqbal Reta
  • Chris Sotiropoulos
  • Michaela Stafrace
  • Marg Leser

President Nominee (2022-23):  Chris Sotiropoulos

The President thanked on behalf of the Members and the Board, the retiring Director Philip Cornish and Honorary Treasurer Peter Hanlon for their service to the Club.

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