Bev Brock was our MC for the meeting

Renata Bernarde has been a club member since November 2018 and spoke of how she has applied her skills to Rotary Melbourne along with her role in promoting and creating our new look online Evening Meetings. 

Ross Scholes Robertson provided a lovely Reflection (you can read this in item below in Bulletin)

Two of our newer Members described their path into Rotary Melbourne and their immediate commitment and work in their chosen projects.  Carolyn (Cas) Ballagh below: 

George Giamadakis 

Peter Bailey provided some history around Rotary Park and its respected place in our Club

Sumeer Bhandarkar was very happy to be inducted as a new Member of Rotary Melbourne. Welcome Summer!

Peter Davis updated and reminded us of 08-08 for 2021. We shall provide more details  in next few weeks for any one who would like to be part of the 08-08 and the two other events Peter is heading.

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