This is my day for reflections and thinking back, I remember joining our Club in 1986 and then my days as Treasurer, when I succeeded Harry Torrens (Ex. State Savings Bank of Victoria) in 1995.

Just a couple of the many thoughts that have stayed with me over the years, are:

  • PP Peter Bearsely's suggestion that we could benefit our Community Foundation and other charities by leaving a Bequest in our Wills as an extra child.  Wife Judy and I, have done this in appreciation of our lives together.
  • PP Clive Weeks' thought that we could raise $20,000,000 for the Foundation by 2020.  We haven't managed it yet and as I said some while ago, if I win a big prize in Tatt's, it will happen immediately thereafter!

Today, as always, we give thanks for good food, the friendship we have with our fellow Rotarians, and the great work being done by Rotary here in Melbourne and throughout the world.

And, to finish with words from a little book given to me by my Grandmother: 

“Do not act as though you have ten thousand years to throw away.

 Death stands at your elbow.  Be good for something while you live and it is within your power.”


Ross Scholes-Robertson

24th March 2021

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