Austen recalled he said something along the lines of: "Thank you for a very stimulating presentation Karen, which conveyed the challenging lives endured by others in many parts of the globe, which is fair to say would remind many people in Australia of what they take for granted."


Austen's recollection was that his vote of thanks provided the opportunity for puns like "you covered a lot of ground”, the “alignment of goals along the food chain” (the application of UN millennium goals from the village up) provided “food for thought” which in turn created cause for reflection.


What an impressive opportunity you have established through partnerships for the benefit of communities, countries and, indeed improvement around the world.

Sustainability is a target of your initiatives. Last year Rotary International introduced Sustainability as its 7th Area of Focus, and I note member Peter Berg is in the audience and would be taking notice."  Thanks Austen, you rock!

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