In 2019, a group of students participating in Deakin University's  new innovative social action virtual internship program, the Humanities Industry Team Internship (HITI) agreed to partner with Rotary SAFE Families to develop new initiatives to further advance their community action responses to issues around family violence and elder abuse. 


At the end of the project the students presented a range of ideas and innovations to the Rotary SAFE Families Committee including  ways to utilise existing media, develop new narrative devices, implement social media campaigns and promote the Rotary SAFE Families Project to a range of target groups including youth audiences, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, rural and remote communities, and elderly people who might be in of need assistance.  A number of those ideas including utilising a very catchy slogan (below) have since been incorporated into the Rotary SAFE Families Project: 

Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere

The Rotary SAFE Families Committee would like to share a good news story about one of the students who participated in this project.  The student has just secured a job with a Local Council and one of her key success stories was talking about the work she had done on Rotary SAFE Families. Those doing the interview were aware of the SAFE Families Initiative and were keen to know more about the Rotary SAFE Families Program, the skills the students developed during their time on the project and the knowledge gained about issues around family violence.


The HITI project with Rotary has already changed one student's life and the student asked Dr Tony Chalkley, Deakin University, to pass on her good news to Dorothy and Rotary Melbourne. 

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