Yes, James Pullar’s team which included Russell Board, David Small and Hayden Corser. Thank you Phil Endersbee for your details on this highly competitive "4 Ball Best Ball" game.
For those who do not converse in golf speak, This is Phil's golf speak: "It was a 4 ball best ball game ... so u take everyone in your team of 4, add their handicaps together & divide by 8. When u play u all hit off & u take the best stroke & u then hit your next balls from there.
U add the team score at end of each hole - usually close to par & at the end add up that score for 18 holes which becomes the team gross score , & then u subtract the team handicap & that becomes your net score.
James P’s I think got a net 54.5 !!"
Russell Board, James Pullar, David Small and Haden Corser

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