For those among us, working with their own diagnosis of Parkinson's, it must have been confronting to watch but hopeful in the knowledge that so much research and progress is being slowly made to support and improve the lives of those with this dreadful disease. 

Miriam Dexter wrote in an email of thanks to President Marion: "Thank you for supporting Associate Professor Lachlan Thompson and Prof Clare Parish to present to the Melbourne Rotary Club.  It was a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for Parkinson's Disease research and the exciting opportunities on the horizon.  We were pleased that your members were engaged in this innovative research.  


In addition, we noted several members had a close connection to Parkinson's Disease.  Please let me know if any members would like to learn more or make a personal contribution to advance this research.


We are keen to support world-class researchers like Clare and Lachlan and help raise awareness for Parkinson's Disease research. Many thanks for your support."  Miriam Dexter


The Chair of the day was our highly respected former Hon. Secretary Keith Callinan. Thank you Keith for your moving, open introduction and chairing of the presentation.

Photo shows Chair Keith Callinan with Professor Clare Parish and Ass. Professor Lachlan Thompson

Please note that Flyer provided by the Florey Institute:  Stem_Cells_PD_fact_sheet__final_20112020.pdf

Some images from the presentation by Professor Clare Parish and Associate Professor Lachlan Thompson, Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health:

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