"There are many challenges in the broad community both local and afar that seek support financially, medically, physically, mentally, mentoring and more. The members of this outstanding Melbourne institution have for 100 years provided exemplary assistance to countless thousands of families and individuals.

As the sun begins to settle on a most exciting historical and tumultuous year in the history of the Rotary Club of Melbourne, the celebration of Rotary’s Centenary of birth in Australasia, it is most appropriate to acknowledge and place on record the names of several long-term members who have worked tirelessly, unselfishly and more often than not, without fanfare or recognition. All organisations function with readily recognized achievers and those that contribute behind the scenes, unobtrusively accomplishing equally as much. All contributing members, high profile and those behind the scenes, are equally respected and appreciated.  

The following rarely acknowledged or recognized members have given intellect, knowledge, finance, comfort, respect, love and succour over more than, in many cases, 40 years.  The list of stars is not complete but most deservedly includes  Gerald Ashman, Max Barr, David Beanland, Grahme Bond, Bob Burgess, Max Carr, Peter Clemenger, Bob Cook, Ron Cullen, Bruce Davidson, Ted Garland, Max Hardman, Peter Habersberger, Jill Hibbins, Clive Hollands, Gerry Johnston, Ian Jones, Rabbi John Levi, Peter Manger, Sue McCarthy, Jack Melbourne, Jeremy Oats, Bill Philip, David Prest, Bill Pickett, Ian Ross, Ross Scholes-Robertson, Les Schultz, John Shaw, Malcolm Simpson, Rodney Smith, Robin Syme, Alan Trumble and Alastair Urquhart.


May the highly respected Rotary Club of Melbourne continue to strengthen, grow, thrive and willingly support our local and worldwide communities for the next one hundred years and more."

PP Peter McCall

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