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The Vocational Service Award is presented annually to a person who has achieved a high level of excellence in their vocation and through such vocation has rendered outstanding service to the community. Rotary Melbourne established the Vocational Service Award in 1964.

Generally, nominations for this award are made by members of Rotary Melbourne.  However, if you are not a member of Rotary Melbourne but believe that you can recommend an appropriate candidate, please contact office.  This will be considered by our Vocational Service Committee.

The following criteria are considered when deciding the successful recipient:

  • Type, level and quality of the achievement in the candidate's chosen vocation;
  • Type, quality and period of community service rendered through, or as a consequence of, the candidate's chosen vocation;
  • Candidate must be a resident in the State of Victoria;
  • Candidate must be prepared to deliver a keynote address to the Club following the presentation of the award.

Contact: Cynthia Edgell cedgell@bigpond.net.au or any member of the Club's Vocational Service Committee

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