As the Director of UME, a Boston-based organization, Ray has designed and supervised peace building institutes for over 2500 educators in nine Middle Eastern/North African (MENA) countries, the US, Spain, and Japan over the past 20 years. 

Ray is Executive Director, University of the Middle East project and Director of the Oleander Initiative and President-Elect, Rotary Club District 5000 Hawaii.  He joined us from his home in Boston at 4.00 am and his presentation was riveting.

Below are some of the many slides Ray presented as he addressed peace, rebuilding Hiroshima and the Oleander Project. If you would like more information, Ray shared his email address as raymat@ume.org He is the Director of the Cambridge, MA, USA based Oleander Initiative (oleanderinitiative.org) that gathers peacebuilders from around the world to Hiroshima, Japan for life changing programs and study tours.

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