How Do We Fund Our Projects

As we approach the end of each Rotary year, we ask members to make a donation to ensure we can continue our work in the community.  As a Rotarian your support of our Foundations and your service are imperative and valuable.

Donations by members and friends of the Club are our primary source of funds for the many significant and often life changing projects funded through our own Community Foundations.  These projects help us achieve the goals of Rotary and Rotary Melbourne to meet the deepened challenges for people and communities that Rotary Melbourne has always endeavored to support.

Your donation is even more vital to ensure that Rotary Melbourne is able to respond and continue to stay relevant in assisting those most in need and will support Rotary Melbourne’s contribution to overseas and local community projects supporting Youth, Ending Homelessness, International Aid, Water Projects, Indigenous Programs, health projects such as Rotary Give Every Child a Future, supporting refugees and the elderly.

Proudly, above are some of the organisations that we supported this year through your donations and service. 

Support the RCM Foundation. Tax deductible donations available.


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