Prioritizing Mental Health—RI President Gordon McInally

We have this unique ability to connect people and cultures — to give hope and receive it through our acts of kindness. It is who we are. And now is the time to build on this potential to expand this culture of care within Rotary and to the world.      

This year, we’re prioritizing projects that aim to support mental health. This effort is deeply personal to me. I know what it’s like to see someone close to me suffer in silence. I have also witnessed the power of personal connections, the value of discussing emotional and mental wellbeing, and the lifesaving impact of preventive care and treatment.

Research shows that performing acts of kindness is one of the most effective steps any of us can take to protect our well-being and make us more resilient to all the challenges we encounter in life. And by building peace within, we become more capable of bringing peace to the world.

How can you take action?

Attached is the Presidential Initiative Mental Health and Well Being Brochure to learn how you and your club can support mental health. Also consider connecting with the Rotary Action Group on Mental Health Initiatives

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