Last Week's Evening Conversation 12 July 2023


We were delighted that more than 40 members and guests, including 3 on-line, attended our Evening Conversation hosted by the Bionics Institute, Rotary Melbourne’s newest corporate member.
Meeting MC was Sana Malik, and following brief introduction from George Giamadakis, CEO of the Bionics Institute, Robert Klupacs introduced Dr Mehrnaz Shoushtarian’s presentation on research and development work to create the worlds first objective measure for Tinnitus using brain imaging and artificial intelligence.
Robert noted that Project Leader Mehrnaz is a world leader in developing this much needed diagnostic tool to measure objectively the severity of Tinnitus - a condition that afflicts more than 10% of the Australian population, and is expected to grow because of the extensive and increasing use of headphones.
Mehrnaz spoke of the frustrating experience of sufferers from misdiagnosis and time consuming diagnostic experiences that can delay treatment for many months.  She highlighted that those experiencing severe symptoms can find it impossible to work productively, and suffer from severe depression.
The technology used in the development phase of the project has now reached the stage where work is beginning on finding investors to develop specialist and relatively low cost equipment for use by practitioners in measuring the severity of Tinnitus, prescribing effective treatments, and managing the treatment process.
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The meeting closed following a lively question time, with a presentation of the customary Rotary Melbourne Socks manufactured by Wilderness Ware, owned by Phil Endersbee. 
President Chris Sotiropoulos closed the meeting, thanking all who attended, the the Bionics Institute for their hospitality and reminding us that next week’s Rotary Melbourne lunch speaker will be Dr Sonja Hood, CEO community Hubs, and President of the North Melbourne Football Club, speaking about Building Bridges through empowering Communities with the Spirit of Football.
To view this interesting and informative presentation, follow this link:   This week’s video lead-in and ending theme is performed by Maestro David Kram AM is a pianoforte backing track for tenors who sing 'Come un bel dì di maggio' from Giordano's opera Andrea Chenier.  Bravo David.

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