Reflection by Cheryl Lacey 19 July 23

Lost pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.’ Australia’s most pre-eminent historian Geoffrey Blainey used these words to describe how the history of Australian Rules Football continues to unfold – often in places least expected. 

Arising in the late 1850s, our footy is exactly that. It’s ours. A distinctive Aussie invention.

From this podium we often hear ‘Go Pies’ followed by cheers and groans. We dedicate a meeting every year to a Grand Final luncheon and many enjoy our annual footy tipping competition.

And some of the lost pieces of the AFL puzzle have been found through our members. 

Our very own Bev Brock has written a number of AFL Club histories. Gillian Hibbins’ extensive research affirmed the theory of an aboriginal origin of Aussie rules - was ludicrous. 

More recently I have learned that my great great uncle, William Nicholas Lacey, was a premiership player for Carlton in the late 1800s and introduced footy to the township of Maryborough.

Club histories have heroes and villains, intellects and innovators, volunteers and leaders. But most of all, clubs are about dedication, fellowship and community.

Cheryl Lacey

Thank you to Cheryl Lacey for providing this reflection on 19 July 2023.

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