Birthday’s Celebrated at Lunch 19 July 23

Trevor Nink

Trevor was inducted into the Club on 12 July 2006 and immediately took tasks and responsibilities to the extent that after a year he was awarded the Vice Presidents’ encouragement Axle Award and a few years later a recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow.

In his first year he joined the Community Welfare Committee where he remains a continuing member managing with Jim Orchard and Chris Wang The Smith Family relationship for the Around the Bay event, he is on the End Hepatitis team. Trevor is also an active member on the International Service Committee, with particular interest in water Projects for which he was awarded a District Service Award from the Rotary Foundation for his work in Philippines Water Projects.

Bob Fels

Bob has been a member of the Club since 1985.

Since joining Bob has had a focus on the Rotary Foundation and in particular the Peace Programs and Scholarships.

Bob has been with the Peace and Conflict program from its inception in the 2001/2002 Rotary year. Our District has unbroken success in having a candidate selected each year. This record is unmatched in the Rotary world. This outstanding success rate lies squarely with the detail, mentoring and hard work that Bob and his committee put into the selection process.

Bob has been recognized by The Rotary Foundation for his success and commitment to the Peace program by:

  • his appointment to the Peace Centre committee;
  • leading the international task force to identify the next Rotary Centre; and
  • by being appointed as an advisor to the Rotary Peace Centres Committee.

In 2018 Bob received Meritorious Service award from RI President Ian Riseley and DG Peter Frueh in recognition of his success and his membership of the Rotary International Peace Centres committee for many years.

In 2020 our District struck an award in his name - The Robert Fels Rotary International District 9800 Peace Award of which he was the inaugural awardee.

In his speech Bob says “An objective of the Rotary Peace Program is to educate Rotarians about the meaning of peace. Initially we thought it was aimed at stopping the guns. Now we know that is but step one – negative peace. There is no point in stopping the violence if, firstly, peace can’t be sustained and then secondly, devastated communities are not rebuilt so they learn to work cooperatively.

Peter Dakin

We missed celebrating Peter at our last Wednesday lunch meeting so we though we would include him here.  You may have seen his photo with Jo in the Bulletin recently wishing him a happy birthday.

Past President Peter Dakin is almost a 35 year member of the Club.  His classification is Personnel – Consulting and he has been actively assisting members and friends to adjust resumes, mentor for interviews and find work. 

Peter is active in club fellowship focusing on meaningful friendships and connections.  His invaluable  support of the Membership Engagement and Program committee is essential to member retention and maintaining a vibrant and interesting speaker calendar.  Peter serves as our Club Almoner, calling and checking on members with a sensitive approach and maintaining close liaison.

Peter is a great friend in the Club.

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