Establishing the Regionalisation Pilot in Zone 8

Since the Zone 8 Regionalisation Pilot received financial support from the Rotary International Board in April 2023, a large amount of work has been happening behind the scenes. 

Club presidents and secretaries, and people who opted to receive additional information about the Regionalisation Pilot, have been receiving regular monthly updates.

Following feedback that information on the pilot has been hard to find, we have restructured the Creating Tomorrow Regionalisation Pilot website, adding several new pages under the “What are we doing?” tab at the top of the homepage. There are now web pages dedicated to information on the Regional Council and its structure, community groups and leaders, what the Specialist Network will do, and other key aspects of the pilot. These pages will be updated regularly.

In the coming months we will be sharing:

●    Position descriptions for Regional Council and Specialist Network roles
●    How the Regional Council will be elected and the timeframe for elections
●    Guidance on community groupings so clubs can start conversations with members

To learn more and ask any questions, we invite you to register to attend one of the scheduled upcoming Zoom meetings. These will be held on:

●    Tuesday 25 July at 7am AEST
●    Thursday 27 July at 6.30pm AEST 
●    Saturday 29 July at 10am AEST  

To register for a session click here.

You will be receiving updates over the next months, which I encourage you to share and discuss with your fellow club members. If you have any questions send them via We also encourage you to look at the regionalisation website and, if you are not already, become part of the reference group by subscribing here.

Ingrid Waugh
Deputy Chair, Zone 8 Regionalisation Pilot Steering Group 

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