Reflection Ruth Carlos Martinez 26 July 2023

Ruth Carlos Martinez is incapacitated today but asked me to deliver her Reflection. Unfortunately Ruth damaged her leg while helping out at the WASH RAG at RICON

"Maternal and Child health – a path for peace

This July as we celebrate Maternal and Child Health,  we seriously reflect on a child’s life, as those saved from the wars as in Ukraine, child trafficking around the world especially conflict zones as Nigeria, and women deprived of basic vaccine and care or displaced from homes. 

Indeed, we reflect on “ what is the value of the Life of one child saved ?  No one will ever know, but if the child were our own, the price tag will be marked, Not For Sale – invaluable.”

This July, we assess the current status of maternal and child health around  the globe, and Rotary members’ united assistance on these issues.

So, as we “Create Hope in the World” for children, we collectively and progressively make the world more humane and safe for children. Because every healthy child, every healthy road, is a countries’ hope for a better path for salvation in truth and peace."

Thank you Ruth Carlos Martinez   

Thank you to Trevor Nink for reading Ruth Carlos Martinez reflection on Wednesday 26 July 23. 

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