Reflection Peter Dakin 2 August 2023

It is hard to believe that two months has past since we hosted thousands of Rotarians to Melbourne for our friendly and highly successful world convention. 

Sports, be they professional or amateur, team or individual, are very much part of our everyday lives.

Melbourne is once again playing host to thousands of visitors and competitors for the Womens’ World Cup of Soccer with the Matildas’ capturing the nation. 

Unfortunately, Melbourne like so many cities, cannot hide the tragic statistics of rising homelessness on our streets that are clearly evident to our visitors.

Personally, I have not seen the City of Melbourne with so many sad and homeless people and the current economy is likely to seriously worsen the situation.

The 7-13 of August is Homeless Week 2023 and Rotary needs to continue our community welfare support for a range of organisations like The Salvation Army and Launch Housing. 

‘The Big Issue’ is another wonderful organisation that we continue to support enabling vendors on the street to sell their publications.

Community Street Soccer and the Homeless Soccer World Cup organised by ‘The Big Issue’ in recent years has provided participants the opportunity to represent Australia, boost their confidence and make new friends.

Our Honorary Member, Lord Mayor Sally Capp, wrote yesterday of the devastation to learn the Commonwealth Games would not proceed in 2026. 

She did however, welcome the news from the State Government that significant investment will be made in affordable housing.

Let’s hope a small percentage of the billions ostensibly saved by cancelling the games will be directed towards the tragic state of homelessness in Victoria.

Thank you Peter Dakin   

Thank you to Peter Dakin for last week's reflection on Wednesday 2 August 23. 

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