Welcome New Member - Manoel Felipe Marques

Manoel Felipe Marques was inducted on 2 August 2023 with the classification Marketing & Communications.

Manoel hails from Cruzeiro, a city nestled in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. He has always been passionate about communication and public management, culminating in the completion of his Bachelor's degree in Social Communication in 2016. Over the course of more than 10 years, Manoel has amassed valuable expertise in project management, public relations, digital marketing, social media, audiovisual content creation, photography, press relations, event production, and public speaking.

In the realm of public management, Manoel possesses a diverse skill set, including team leadership, problem-solving, public relations, political marketing, campaign management, and overall communication proficiency.

In November 2018, he made the bold decision to explore new horizons and study in a foreign land, leading him to Melbourne. During this period, Manoel pursued studies in English, marketing, business and project management. His time in Australia proved to be transformative as he gained extensive professional experience in event production and management, TV show production, sports industry, hospitality, traffic control and volunteering.

Amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Manoel played a pivotal role in the Brazilian Community of Melbourne. He actively engaged in a humanitarian aid movement, rallying support and donations for over 4,000 international students who faced hardships due to lockdown restrictions in Australia. This profound volunteering experience led to the consolidation of the Viva Vida Foundation, a non-profit institution that continues to assist people from diverse backgrounds living in Melbourne.

Following this initiative's success, Manoel received an invitation to join the Brazilian Citizens Council in the State of Victoria, collaborating with the Embassy of Brazil in Australia to support the Brazilian community in the region.

Despite his relocation to Melbourne, Manoel's commitment to service persisted. He began his involvement with the Rotary Club of Cruzeiro in 2018, dedicating himself to promoting the polio eradication campaign in the city through event organisation and dissemination of information. His dedication and success in this endeavour earned him the esteemed status of an honorary member within the Rotary Club of Cruzeiro. Upon his arrival in Australia, in 2018, he seamlessly integrated into the Rotary Club of Melbourne, contributing to various voluntary actions and participating in projects such as "For a Meal" and "SecondBite."

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