Last Week's Meeting Wednesday 2 August 2023

This Rotary Melbourne weekly meeting was our 4th meeting of the Rotary year, and our 4,996th in our hundred and second year.  

This week’s meeting Master of Ceremonies was Past President Peter Dakin, who also delivered the reflection.  A copy of the reflection is included in a separate article in this bulletin. The recording of the full meeting can be viewed by following this link:

Manoel has visited the Club many times in recent years and was introduced by Past President and sponsor, Robert Fisher. Online were his parents and the President of Rotary Cruzeiro, the Brazilian Rotary Club, of which he is an honorary Member. He was accompanied in person by his friend Guilherme Cassol de Oliveira, also a student from Brazil. 

Joanna Crowston is a corporate designee for the Bionics Institute, replacing Ann Fazakerley who has moved overseas. 

Chair of the Day, Rosemary Nixon introduced Guest Speaker Professor Elaine Saunders, esteemed Biomedical Engineer, Audiological Scientist, business-woman, author and Former Club Member, speaking on “Hearing loss: more of a problem than we thought”.  Elaine was accompanied by her guests Deidre Willmott, President RC Woodend and Dr James Fielding, CEO Audera.  Elaine continues to be an active Rotarian through the Club in her new home town – Woodend, and is Convenor of the Rotary International Action Group for Hearing.

Elaine gave a compelling address on the importance of hearing for us all, as well its importance in the community.  She noted that addressing hearing loss is a global World Health Organisation priority.  Hearing loss is a growing problem, currently affecting 4 million Australians.  Hearing loss has multiple causes but sustained exposure to loud sound is a major cause.  She highlighted multiple sources of loud sounds ranging from football crowds to rock concerts and pointed out that adult acquired hearing loss sneaks up on us.   

Untreated hearing loss contributes to poor speech understanding, possibly fatigue, depression, loneliness through social isolation and increased risk of dementia.  She encouraged us all to have our hearing tested and access the affordable solutions now available if needed.  She also outlined a range of ways Rotarians can help the community in addressing this critical issue.  Her impressive address is a must-see and can be viewed by clicking here:


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