2023 AGM – Nominations

The date of the Rotary Club of Melbourne Inc Annual General Meeting has now been fixed as Wednesday 22nd November 2023. Formal notices will issue in due course.

The setting of the date of the Annual General meeting triggers a series of events starting with the forming of the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating committee consists of nine (9) members of the Club, one of whom is the President, one is the President-elect two are the most recent Past-Presidents available, two are Board elected members and three are Elected by the Membership. President Chris announced at the meeting last week the two Past Presidents to serve on the Nominating Committee are IPP Adrian Nelson and Past President Reg Smith and the Board appointed members are John Saunders and Iqbal Reta.

We now call for nominations for the 3 candidates elected by the members to the Presidents Nominating Committee. Nominations may be made in any number by any member in writing with each nomination being signed by the nominator and another member, and must carry acceptance of nomination signed by the member nominated.

No Past-President is eligible for nomination by the members for any of the (3) vacancies. No member who has twice accepted membership on the Nominating Committee is eligible for service in any subsequent year except as a Presidential Officer.

Nominations must be made. by 2.05 p.m. on Wednesday 23rd August 2023.

Nomination forms and any questions should be directed to the Honorary Secretary John Saunders.

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