Launch Housing Creating Liveable Cities For All

On Monday 7 August 23 Richard Parker, Marg Leser, Trevor Nink, Jim Orchard and Sue Smith of the Rotary Melbourne Make A House A Home (MAHAH) attended the Launch Housing release of their Capital Cities Homelessness Index 2023 during National Homelessness Week at the Melbourne Town Hall.   

Launch Housing’s CEO, Bevan Warner, along with a panel including the following, gave powerful images of homelessness and some examples of how this can be overcome in the future.

Verity is a 19-year-old who's experienced homelessness first-hand. She is a part of the LGBTQ+ community and neurodivergent with a personal closeness to mental health issues. Verity wants to shed light on the intersectionality of people facing homelessness, bust stigma and move away from damaging stereotypes.

Jonathan O'Brien, Lead Organiser of YIMBY Melbourne
In 2023, Jonathan founded YIMBY Melbourne, a group advocating for planning reform and housing abundance. He is an inaugural Fund raise For Australia Fellow.

Leanne Mitchell, Manager of Community Strengthening and Social Planning, Brimbank City Council
Leanne Mitchell is a government worker, writer and anthropologist. Her report, Everybody's Business, focuses on the contribution local government can make towards ending homelessness.

Penny Miles, Former Chair of the City of Melbourne’s Night-time Economy 
Penny is recognised as an expert in audience and community development and in her role as Chair for the Night-time Economy was responsible for helping guide the recovery of engagement and participation for Melbourne after dark.


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