Reflection Philip Cornish 16 August 2023

I once read the generalisation that the ancient Greeks thought that the most important gifts in life, were beauty, wealth and health in that order. Putting aside the dangers of simplifying centuries of thought into 3 truisms, I sure President Chris would quibble, none-the-less the three hopes for life stuck with me because I felt they were so different to our values. Surely we would put good health first in our world!

Or would we? Increasingly it seems that body image and the pursuit of an ideal of beauty has overtaken many Australians and their mental health. Which is why I am a little sad that we haven’t heard more about the message from the current Australian of the Year. My hope is that in our values we prioritise those things which are rightly important, and I give thanks for efforts to assist people meet physical health, material goals and positive mental health, which reflects our service activities.

Thank you Philip Cornish.

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