Keith Ryan, Executive Director – Victoria – Housing Industry Association

Topic ‘Will My Builder Finish My House? Yes They Will But Talk To Them.’

Time/Date Wednesday 23 August 23 @ 12.30pm-2.00pm

Venue No35 Sofitel Melbourne on Collins also Online via Zoom

Price Lunch $60 via Zoom $10


Chairman Kelton Dennis       

Building Industry, Developers take note of our upcoming speaker.

Over the past couple of years the housing industry in Australia, and especially Victoria, has been subject to many challenges.  A surge in demand for new or renovated homes was driven by government support but also changing consumer needs.  This increase in demand happened at the same time as materials and labour became more expensive but also more difficult to source.  Not surprisingly this has led to builders taking more time to complete their projects and finish homes for clients.  And their have been a number of builder insolvencies.

It is therefore understandable that many consumers are worried that their new home or renovation will not be finished.  The simple answer is that the vast majority of projects underway will be finished, but consumers need to be patient and talk to their builder.  Builders are resilient and keen to complete their jobs.  They don’t want to have disappointed clients and they understand why clients are stressed at the moment.  During this talk I will go into more detail about why we are in this situation, explain what is being done and could be done by governments, and also give some practical guidance for a consumer.

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