Reflection Barbara Yerondais 23 August 2023

On my recent visit to Paris I was devastated to see the number of homeless people living in the streets of this historic and beautiful city.

They were seemingly invisible during the day, then set up ‘tent communities’  in any under covered areas they could find at night.

But not only single persons.

Young families and children.

and the one that really broke my heart was a young mother breastfeeding her newly born child.

But why should I be surprised. Homelessness doesn’t just happen in Melbourne. Its occurring all around the world, and in more devastating circumstances.

The Syrian refugees in Greece and other parts of Europe are banished to remote outposts.

Dependant on international aid and removed from communities, waiting on international solutions that have yet to began meaningful conversations.

Which reminds me of our own ‘refugee solution’. Banished to PNG and/or asylum hotels - PRISONS.

And I question:

What are we doing?

The answer – is  -  very little.


I suspect we mainly just don’t want to confront the plight of the homeless with all their mental health issues, and the refugees, who are striving to escape regimes persecuting them.

We must however remember that all of us here who are not of indigenous  decent, are descendants of those who came to Australia to seek a better future.

We are a caring group, and I feel that I may be preaching to the already converted.

However I would like to reiterate Peter Daikins call form last week, and

Put up you hand to help out where we can, and

Donate to the charities that are seeking to make a difference in these areas.

In thanks for good food, wine and fellowship.

Lets do more

Thank you Barbara Yerondais.

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