The Royce Abbey Award


The Royce Abbey Award

This Award, established by the Rotary Club of Essendon to recognise their member and our Honorary member and Past RI President Royce Abbey, was adopted by the Board of the RCM in 2004.

The Award is made to a member who is relatively new to the Club, has not been awarded a Paul Harris Fellow recognition, is well accepted by Club members, has a good attendance record, who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the Club and who also complies with the Object of Rotary.

Each Rotary Club adopting the award program contributes $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation (in the Royce and Jean Abbey Endowment Fund) for each award it makes. This financial contribution to the Foundation is used for humanitarian Projects to enhance capabilities of food processors, foresters and other agricultural environment researchers and University teachers from developing countries.

Recipients of the Royce Abbey Award:

2005       P C (Peter) Jones

2006       C A (Cheryl) Lacey

2007       J D (John) Tozer

2008       H (Harald) Schmidt

2009       K G (Garry) Fowler

2010       H D (Hugh) Bucknall

2011       B K (Bas) Hamo

2012       E V (Nina) Hunter

2013       M S (Marion) Macleod

2014       T W (Tom) Crampton

2015       K W (Keith) Callinan

2016       M Y (Maureen Mangion

2017       S B (Stephanie) Woollard

2018       D (Dorothy) Gilmour

2019       A (Ari) Talantis

2020       M (Mikaela) Stafrace

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