Uniforms for Redskins Basketball Club

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The Redskins Basketball Club was established by Jim Markovski in the mid-1990s as a way of helping young people better connect with their community and peers. Since then it has grown to the point whereby approximately 400 young people play basketball on a regular basis at a venue in Sunshine.


However, 400 players means 400 uniforms, which cost around $100 per uniform. For some time players have been jointly using uniforms, so you can only imagine the state of the uniform at the end of a day’s play.


Jim has been working for some time to raise money to pay for enough uniforms to outfit each player with their own complete uniform – singlet, shorts, socks and shoes and he is getting there, slowly.

Jim and a colleague, Gum Marmur, were guests at a meeting of the Welfare of the Young Committee (WoY) and spoke inspirationally about the work of the Les Twentyman Foundation and in particular the Redskins basketball group. When asked by Committee members how we could help, the answer came quickly – we need more uniforms.

WoY had pleasure in donating $10,000 to the Redskins Basketballers for new uniforms, resulting in 130 players now having their own uniform and don’t they look great as modelled by Zarica Lio, Ater Riak and Alakiir Deng (left to right).



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