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Around the Bay Social Gathering

For all new members we want to get to know you. For all longstanding members we want to keep in touch. Come for your free sausage on Sunday 2 May around noon and bring your kids and grandkids to ride their bikes around Albert Park Lake. Very informal with you bringing additional picnic supplies. Let Phil, Chris, Jim or Trevor know how many are coming.


Rotary SAFE Families

Welcome to our Rotary Melbourne 100 Year Initiative - Rotary SAFE Families.  Become part of the solution in the prevention of family and elder abuse and locate support for anyone abused or in danger of abuse.

You can become an Ambassador for SAFE Families - Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere.


Healing the Hurt

Beginning as a response to the Victorian Commission on Family Violence in 2017, the Healing the Hurt project focused on the needs of children  who live in traumatic situations. While there are numerous agencies and therapists who support families, they lack the specialised training to treat trauma.