Energy Saving Tips

Electricity Usage

Be a friend to the environment – it helps make the world a healthier and safer place

In this blog post we look at ways in which we can be more energy efficient in the home. This is both environmentally and economically friendly and helps to make the world we live in a healthier and safer place, not only for ourselves but for future generations.

It is important for the benefit of the environment to conserve our use of electricity. For instance, electricity production in the US in 2018 generated 27% of aggregate greenhouse gas emissions which, after transportation (28%), was the second largest share.

Energy Saving Suggestions in the Home
  • Turn off lights when not using; install energy efficient globes; use LED lighting
  •  Be efficient and sparing with heating and cooling systems; install smart thermostats. 
  • Unplug your appliances when they are not in use.              
  • Buy energy efficient appliances with a good energy rating.
  • Do full loads of washing; opt for cold water washes rather than hot water washes.
  • Insulate your roof or ceiling
  • Double glaze your windows
  • Patch up gaps in the floor and around doors and window frames, to reduce drafts.
  • If you are able, swap from traditional energy sources to RENEWABLES e.g. install rooftop solar panels.
  • Install solar hot water systems
  • Conserve water, take shorter showers, install a water saving head.
  • Wear extra layers of clothing when it’s cold, use an extra blanket when sleeping.
  • Dry clothes in the sunshine
  • Some energy savings in the kitchen e.g. make sure the fridge seal is airtight and use your freezer wisely.
  • Have an in-home energy assessment to test effectiveness of appliances.
  • Close curtains to keep your home cooler in summer.                               

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