Lunch with Dr Rod Irwin


From: Wednesday July 26, 2023, 12:45 pm

To: Wednesday July 26, 2023, 2:00 pm

When Dr Rod Irwin purchased his business in 2000, he had no experience in business management or leadership. He soon discovered it was making a loss. After eight years of hard work, he found himself heavily in debt, with disengaged staff and unhappy clients. The stress led to crippling anxiety, mind-numbing insomnia, even a near death experience! 

A chance gift led to a life-changing breakthrough: he learned how to use neuroscience and positive psychology to “wire his brain for success”. When he applied this science to his business, it totally changed everything. He created the business life of his dreams, and it totally transformed his life—to one of calmness, confidence, and a love of living.

In December 2020 he sold his business to focus on a new career as a writer, speaker, and coach.


The 2023 Gallup Sate of the Global Workplace report stated for Australasia, only 23% of employees are actively engaged at work. 47% experience stress the previous working day, and 43% are watching for or actively seeking a new job.

The knock-on effects on performance, productivity, and profits, and importantly, on personal well-being are huge.

In this presentation learn some simple, easy-to-understand, science-based strategies that unleash human potential, helping people engage more, achieve more, and enjoy more both in business and life!


  • how you can better tap into the awesome power of your brain,
  • three of The 12 Keys to Wire Your Brain for Success,
  • and opportunities to take this knowledge further.”



No35 at Sofitel on Collins

25 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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