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"I arrived in the Philippines 31 May, and made the arduous journey to Northern Philippines -  Tabuk.

The purpose is to assess the progress of implementation of Global Grant 1751527, to conduct Sanitation Hygiene training and hopefully a handover to the community, which did not eventuate.

The weather is a sweltering heat of 38 degrees even in the highlands of the Mountain Province. I met with the Rotary Club of Tabuk,  Rotary Club of Meycauayan Uptown and community association leaders, city mayors, teachers, health officers and school children.  The villagers were  most appreciative of the contribution of Rotary.

While my trip in December 2017 had very bad, impassable roads, this time, the sweltering heat made it close to impossible to trek through the valleys and mountain passes.  We were confronted with scavenger, angry/thirsty black boars, dried up springs, lack of community workers due to the heat,  brackish water used by locals, and unfortunately, warring tribal differences.

The five village leaders sent their representatives on a 2 hour journey to the city of Tabuk to sit through the Sanitation Hygiene training.  The session was conducted in English, understood by the villagers, and later I gave a quiz which they were able to provide the answers. Each leader received a "Certificate of Understanding"  and a manual on Sanitation and Hygiene.

The project scope and deviations were validated for each site with the municipal engineers and of course the tribal leaders, against the agreed scope with Rotary Foundation. 

I look forward to returning back to Melbourne soonest, as the typhoons officially started two days ago. Communication signals are very bad here.

Regards to all.    Ruth"

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