Each year, Rotary Melbourne's Health and Ageing Committee presents the Seniors Award which is to recognise the contribution of a person of any adult age who has given outstanding service in a voluntary capacity to seniors.

The Nominees qualify if they have the following:

  • 18 years or over — living and working in Australia, preferably in the greater Melbourne area;
  • Committed to making a difference for seniors by their hands-on work with seniors utilising their time, knowledge, training and experience;
  • Role model for volunteers working with or for seniors;
  • Present a positive view and purpose on growing older; 
  • Volunteer in their role as an advocate for seniors.

The Nominee may be or not be a Rotarian.  The service we are seeking to acclaim should not necessarily be at a senior level, such as the president or chairman of the board of the organisation providing services to older people but may be more appropriate at a lower level in the organisation. This is not to be taken as precluding those at senior levels.

The Award consists of a Citation and Certificate of Recognition which will be presented at a lunch meeting in October — Seniors Month. The Awardee is invited to tell their story in a short address to the Club. 

Recent Awardees have been:

2017-18   John Hood
2018-19   Nancy Hogan
2016-17   David J Hone
2015-16   Noel Smith

The Committee is seeking your help for nominations of the 2019 - 2020 Award. 

Nominations containing full details, profile or the CV of the Nominee and how they address the above criteria, need to be received by 31 August 2019 by email or post to: 

Robin Syme on 0412 448 133    Email:
or Rotary Melbourne  Ph: 03 9654 7242    Fax (03) 9650 7373   Email:

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