The Story of Anj Barker - Part 2

Kerry Kornhauser and Phil Cornish have provided this fantastic report on a joint initiative between Welfare of the Young and the Family Violence Working Group.


Rotary Melbourne supported the work of Melbourne East Police teaching adolescents about respectful relationships  This initiative is called “LOVE BiTES”.


LOVE BiTES is a Respectful Relationships Education Program for young people aged 15-17 years. It consists of two interactive workshops: one on Relationship Violence, and one on Sex and Relationships, followed by creative workshops and community campaigns.

LOVE BiTES aims to provide young people with a safe environment to examine, discuss and explore respectful relationships. All Love Bites programming takes a strength-based approach and views young people as active participants who are able to make choices for themselves and their relationships when supported with information and opportunity for
skill development.

The LOVE BiTES program included a video about the plight of Anj Barker, a 16 year old who suffered horrendous, life threatening injuries from the hand of her “boy friend”. The video was made 15 years ago and over the years, many of the students ask “what has happened to Anj?”

Via the Melbourne East Police and NAPCAN, a request was made to film a follow up video about Anj’s life.  As Anj is a NAB employee, a request was made for NAB to assist with the financial support together with Rotary Melbourne.  We facilitated NAB to totally support the video and ROAR Digital, who produced the video.

Link for the Video:   Password ‘Anj_final’


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