In response, the Club via the International Programs committee authorised $2000 to contribute to the freight of emergency personal goods including clothing and bedding to the regions which included Tabuk where our clean water project is located.

Our member, Ruth Martinez sourced the Kalinga Provincial Government statistics which showed the worst hit areas for targeting relief were Barangay Cabaruan, Barangay Naneng, Tabuk Municipality and Municipality of Balbalan (a few villages).

On hand already, Ruth was storing in her garage, boxes of clothes, shoes, sheets, towels, personal items, educational items and toys for children ready for despatch to the towns of Cabaruan, Tabuk;  and municipality of  Balbalan, Kalinga.

Ruth contacted the President of RC Tabuk, Dr Lilia Beatrice Gabit, who undertook the logistics and distribution with the Rotary Club of Tabuk club members and via the University of Kalinga to that region.   They were positive our efforts targeted the most vulnerable and affected as a result of the massive flooding brought on by the Typhoon.

Last Thursday, a group of Members and friends volunteered their time at DIK in West Footscray and packed 30 boxes of donated items including sheets, bedding, clothes, shoes, dry food, home building items which have been shipped out via Bob Glindemann.

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