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In early October the DIK volunteers completed the 3 shipments of donations to the Philippine typhoon victims, with the pickup of the last 20 boxes.

Thirty five packing lists were prepared serving as Customs bills of lading and used for tracking purposes of the shipments.  Ruth Carlos Martinez is watching as the boxes make their way from Australia to Busan, Korea to Philippine Pier and Customs clearance, through to land transport of 12 hours travel to the struggling villages.

Members helped Ruth with the packing process and DIK and donated $2,000 towards freight costs, the balance of $1,150 being donated by DIK.   

It was pointed out to Editor that there can be a real buzz in donating time out at DIK.  For one of our well known and most respected Members,  it provided a chance to drive a "fork lift" which was an activity that was "just a dream" for this Member as a young laddie!

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