Donations In Kind

Rotary Donations In Kind (DIK)


Rotary Donations In Kind (DIK) is a major recycling operation, run by volunteers, that gives suitable goods to people in need, for free.  The West Footscray Store is part of the National Rotary Donations In Kind Store network, which is Rotary Australia’s largest ongoing project and the West Footscray Store is the largest in Victoria.

A Donations In Kind (DIK) project is often the most practical and cost effective way to help people in developing countries and it also provides excellent opportunities to help local communities.  It provides Rotarians, the Public and Corporate Sector with the chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people who need our help.

It provides Rotarians with opportunities to use all of their resources; their intellect, skills and contacts, their labour and their ability to raise funds. There is an opportunity for everyone no matter where they are located or the time available, to get involved and make a difference.

East Timor - Because of their location and the interests of the local Rotary Clubs some Donations In Kind Stores regularly ship to particular countries. The West Footscray makes regular shipments and helps Interstate Rotary Clubs and supporter groups to ship goods to East Timor.

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For more information on how to become involved, contact the club office.


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