New Books for a New Nation MOU

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In 2017, Rotary Melbourne signed an MOU with the Minister for Education in Timor Leste for the publication and shipment of a series of books written by Kirsty Sword Gusmao, Timor’s first lady to enhance the opportunities for school children in Timor to have access to publications in Tetun and Portuguese for reading. Several books were written, published, and sent to Timor via Donations In Kind (DIK).

With a variety of problems caused by Government elections in Timor, changed priorities and complications associated with COVID; publication ceased, and our MOU expired.

We are pleased to report that the next edition in the series has just been printed and is at DIK and awaiting the next shipment to Dili. We can also report that a new MOU has been signed – this one will last until March 2028 when the current Governments term expires with a number of new titles now in the planning mode.

The Minister is Ms Dulce de Jesus Soares seen here with PP Bob Glindemann.

Rotary Melbourne looks forward to the ongoing collaboration re books and learning through New Books for a New Nation.

Since the inception of this project, some $80,000 has been donated including $25,000 from Rotary Melbourne with sufficient funds remaining for several more publications.

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