Become a Corporate Member

Rotary International, since its origins in 1905, has been providing service to others, promoting integrity and goodwill through its networks and through its fellowship of business, professional and community leaders.

Why Corporate Membership?

First, we believe that it gives us the opportunity to strengthen the long tradition of Rotary Melbourne holding in its ranks some of the most senior and influential members of the city’s business and professional community.

More importantly, we believe that what motivates the Rotary movement is the same as that which motivates the Environmental, Social and Governance agendas of major companies and organisations.

Therefore, we bring together the service ideals of Rotary with those of commercial, professional and charitable bodies to deliver results that will benefit each, and ultimately provide enhanced benefit to the community.

What might it yield in practice?

Through knowledge sharing, such cooperation may provide greater focus to existing programs in each organization; or it may provide volunteering opportunities for the Corporate Member’s employees, working alongside Rotarians in community service projects; or it may lead to new projects that can emerge from the Corporate Member’s exploration of Rotary Melbourne’s membership skills and  experiences.

If your company is interested in Corporate membership, please contact the Rotary Club of Melbourne office, 03 9654 7242.

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