On Monday 6 March 2017 a happy band of 35 Senior Citizens who live in supported accommodation in high rises in Kensington and Flemington were picked up by a coach and taken to the Red Hill Estate where Max’s Restaurant had prepared a sumptuous lunch of salmon with salad followed by sticky date pudding and ice cream.

It was the 14th annual lunch which followed a decision by the Rotary Club of Melbourne (RCM) in 2003 to offer a day outing for these elderly folk who are often socially isolated and who would benefit from a day in the country by the sea.

As they got off the coach they were confronted by the magnificent view across Western Port to Phillip Island and as usual  the weather was kind on the 1st Monday in March.

Coffee was served as they got off the coach and they were met by 6 representatives of the RCM

Under the leadership of Keith Callinan, the Chair of the Health and Ageing Committee including his wife Trudi and Ian and Margaret Ross and Gillian and Warren Johnson.

Max Paganini the proprietor has worked with the RCM to make this an extraordinarily successful annual event and in 2014 was presented with a certificate of appreciation to recognise his invaluable contribution in partnership with The RCM.

A highlight of the day was the exchange of friendship between the group and those representing the RCM, leading to lots of goodwill and beneficial to all.

They waved merrily as the coach pulled out from the vineyard on its way to a scenic route home via a stop at Arthur’s Seat.