Responsible Business Award - Stephanie Woollard

A huge Congratulations to Stephanie Woollard, Rotary Peace Fellow and fellow Club member has won a global award from Rotary International for "Responsible Business," presented at the UN Headquarters on the 12th November 2016.

As a Peace Fellow and now a New Member of the Rotary Club of Melbourne Steph, is supported and mentored by esteemed Past President Bob Glindemann and legend in the world of Rotary Foundation Peace Scholarships, Bob Fels.

Stephanie Woollard is one of 6 globally recognized recipients who will receive the award on November 12 amid a gathering of over 1500 Rotarians, UN officials and NGO leaders at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
Steph has created a number of award winning ventures both in Australia and Nepal.  Hands On Development, Steph’s tour company, leads cultural immersions to Nepal and indigenous cultural tours to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities.

Steph's tours encourage local industry and employ locals to live their passion and share their homelands with inspired visitors.

Steph has created Seven Women, which has employed over 1000 disadvantaged women who manufacture Fair trade products for export to Australian and European markets. Steph and her team in Nepal have also created local industries in Nepal for marginalized women in the areas of agriculture and tailoring. Trainings led by the enterprise such as literacy, skills trainings, health and gender awareness have impacted over 5000 women in total.

Businesses can be a strong force for good in our world when business owners take on a responsibility to uplift and empower their people and supply chains." Steph said.

She elaborated by saying, " There is so much that can be achieved with a good team, and over time I have gained great confidence that change is possible."

Steph with the help of Rotary is fundraising $30,000 for her recent initiative to create the "Kathmandu Cooking School" which will conduct accredited training courses for marginalized women to gain skills in cheffing and hospitality. Operational costs will be sustained by tour groups and visitors participating in cooking classes led by the women.

As a business owner and social entrepreneur who has navigated her way through working effectively across cultures. Steph’s commitment is to build enterprises that lead change.

Stephanie grew Seven Women while completing first her undergraduate degree; then as a RYLArian and also when studying at Uppsala University as a Rotary Peace Fellow in 2013-14. 

In addition to speaking at many Rotary Clubs in Sweden, Stephanie spoke at a Norwegian District Conference, visited the Rotary Europe/Africa Office in Zurich where she was asked to give a presentation to all staff about the Peace Program and Seven Women, followed by a presentation to the International School in Zurich.

Stephanie spoke to Clubs in Argentina and participated in Rotaract Conferences in Romania and Brussels. Stephanie's vision and inspiration in creating Seven Women is having a sustainable impact that addresses the economic issues of a group that has been marginalised, discriminated against and given them the gift of dignity and a future, which has in every respect met the requirements for the Responsible Business honour. 

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