Seven Women Cooking Classes

Seven Women has now resumed physical cooking classes while we continue online cooking sessions. We welcome anyone in Nepal who would like to join these physical cooking classes where we make traditional Nepalese cuisines.

Data collection and assessments of schools for scholarship distribution was undertaken by the team at three different schools. We are pleased that around 350 kids will be receiving scholarships this year.

Seven Women launched monthly markets in the month of May at the premises of the Seven Women Guesthouse. Small businesses are invited to showcase and sell their products along with showing the products by the women from the Seven Women centre. This is also an effort to promote the guesthouse as well as let the local community know of efforts of Seven Women in different areas such as empowerment and education.

Join us for our Global Village LIVE Online Cooking Classes on the last Thursday of every month! These classes will happen at 6:30pm AEST

Participate in a traditional cooking class full of fun and flavour - now offered online. In the class, you’ll make traditional vegetarian momos, discover secret recipes, and learn about Nepalese culture from your local host.

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